about plastyk

Who is plastyk?

We’re a group of like minded people in Adelaide, South Australia that have grown up programming and designing from a very early age, always trying to solve problems for ourselves and others. It makes sense that we ended up where we did, it just took the Internet to bring us all together. Now we get to share all those years of experience with you and to make something webtacular! If you’re interested, call or email us to say hello!

What does plastyk do?

We create unique websites & apps for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop which integrate into your business’ way of thinking & working. We also sprinkle our own magic dust of thoughts & knowledge to create a unique user experience and a more efficient way of getting things done.

Responsive web design, Silverstripe content management systems, social media integration, B2B applications, animation and custom development are our specialty. Take a look at our portfolio for some of our latest projects.