Plastyk Studios is proud to be a certified SilverStripe Partner.

SilverStripe is an easy to learn, easy to use, royalty-free content management system (CMS). We love SilverStripe because it allows us infinite flexibility to create whatever we, or you, want, without being constrained by a set framework.

We could write page upon page singing its praises, but here are some highlights:

It is simple to understand and use for the new or experienced user. It can allow multiple users with separate logins to access different areas of the CMS.

  • We will create multiple templates for the various page types within your site, so you can choose which layout will suit the information you want to publish.
  • All elements of the site content can be edited in a WYSIWYG style. Text, images, video, audio and documents can be added and modified.
  • There is complete page versioning for the entire life of the site. You can revert back to previous versions of edited pages. Coupled with this is an audit trail and workflow so you can see who has edited what, and when.
  • Drag-and-drop for navigation items allows you to re-order site information instantly, even to the top level of navigation.
  • You can maintain published and unpublished versions of pages, and preview both within your browser.
  • You can maintain all page metadata to aid SEO. Also all pages have descriptive names (editable) to further enhance SEO.