What does Plastyk do?

By Plastyk Studios

01 Feb 2015

Not just websites.

Well where did that year go? Another one has zipped by like my wife at the Boxing Day sales. We’ve been looking back at all the fun projects that Plastykpeople have been working on, and we really came to appreciate we’re doing far more than just developing websites nowadays. 


The web is changing and so is Plastyk.

This year we’ve been working on many projects where websites are an extension of our clients’ day-to-day businesses. A large number of these projects see us integrating and extending existing internal business systems like intranets, CRMs, quotation systems and accounting packages. This is in addition to many of our clients now embracing the web for online sales.

The solutions we have developed streamline daily business processes by either reducing data entry and/or automating workflows. In some cases, we have even needed to integrate or replace ‘clunky’ legacy systems. Our development team uses far more colourful language than ‘clunky’ when doing the actual integration.


Our business is to simplify your business.

Plastyk has an amazing array of industry experience within our in-house team. It amazes even us, and we work here! Simply put, we provide you with well thought-out recommendations that fit in with your business requirements and then deliver creative industry-standard solutions.

To do this we have fine-tuned our internal procedures and have in place a suite of systems to handle issue/task tracking, version control and testing. It all sounds very dull, dry and boring, but it makes the whole process oh-so-smooth.

Need to integrate your business with the online world? Give us a buzz.