Pooch of the Month - Rufus

By Plastyk Studios

01 Feb 2015

Name    Rufus
Age       6 (42)
Breed   Staffy


Tennis balls - Punctured within 10 seconds so they make satisfying squelchy sounds when chewed.
Baseballs – Need to be ‘peeled’ in around 5 minutes to get to the tasty, tasty core.
Walks – Finely tuned body clock. Knows when to round up the owners to head out.
Drives - Always positioned in the middle of the back seat even if someone is sitting there. This is the optimal arrangement for seat surfing.
Cheese - Senses (from the other end of the house) that cheese has been removed from the fridge. Working on sensing when humans are just thinking about cheese.
Steak - Fillet steak leftovers. Bliss.


Staffy ball - Realises that it is indestructible; tooth gouges a testament to the fact.
Neighbour’s Rottweilers - Enjoys winding them up into a barking frenzy by banging on the fence so they get told off by their owners.
Beach - Petrified. Emotionally scarred as a puppy when swamped by waves.