How will you respond?

By Plastyk Studios

02 Feb 2015

What is Responsive Design?

We all rely on our mobile devices each and every day as a means of accessing information quickly and easily. You may be looking up the website of a business contact to organise a meeting, or searching for that perfect place to have to lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone does it, yet it surprises us how many prominent businesses still have websites that don’t function correctly on mobile devices.

How many times have you visited a website on your mobile only to find the experience frustrating, as the site is only built for desktop computers? Having to pinch-zoom gets really old, really quickly. Many websites don’t work at all on touchscreen devices. We all now see family and friends spending more time browsing the Internet on their tablet or phone, and they (and we) are our clients’ clients.

Many people use YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook from the comfort of their couch while watching television. This ‘second screening’ is one of the plethora of reasons why there has been a huge increase in website traffic from mobile devices.

At Plastyk, we recognised this transition several years ago and have developed a standard for all the websites we create to incorporate responsive design.


Rearranging content to suit

We could write about how we use the latest web standards, our industry know-how etc. and end up with an article like all the others on the web. But that’s not us. We’d rather keep things simple, Responsive design can be explained by the following single sentence:

“A website with responsive design has the capability to rearrange its content so that it can be displayed in an optimal format on any device.”

This provides the user with a positive experience as the content can be easily accessed and viewed.

For a demo, visit our website on a desktop and then on your mobile device. You will notice that the same content is displayed. However, the content on the mobile device is rearranged so that it fits and works on the smaller screen.

Given that web browsing on mobile devices is increasing at an mind-boggling rate, we have been busy working with numerous clients with upgrading their websites to support responsive design. Even if you’re not ready for a full website redesign, you should be providing your clients and customers with a website that at least supports mobile devices.

In most cases, depending on your site design, responsive design can be incorporated relatively painlessly. Give us quick buzz to find out how we can make it happen for you.