Australian Working Dog Rescue

By Plastyk Studios

01 Feb 2015

AWDRI does good stuff

As you can probably tell by now, we at Plastyk are ever so cold, heartless and ruthless when it comes to pups. That's why we want to help Australian Working Dog Rescue in any way we can. So here's a not-even-thinly-veiled attempt to recruit you to either foster or adopt a rescued working dog.

To quote AWDRI's website: Australian Working Dog Rescue is a non-profit charitable institution whose primary function is to save working dog breeds from being euthanised in council pounds and shelters and find new homes for them. We cover the entire east coast of Australia which encompasses Qld, NSW, Vic and SA and are expanding into Western Australia and Tasmania."

Note that they're rarely dogs directly off the land, they're just dogs (and puppies!) of those breed types. Hence you won't need to buy that 8,000 hectare block out near Orroroo so you can adopt one. Or seven.

Now, just like any pusher worth their salt, we're going to start you off discretely and innocently by recommending you have a quick squiz at their website, Australian Working Dog Rescue.

Then we're going to introduce you to the slightly harder gear, by encouraging you to look at all the South Australian dogs and puppies that are available right-dagnabbit-now for adoption: AWDRI SA pooches

And then, before you know it, you'll be main-lining by following AWDRI on their Facebook page and getting daily doses of canine goodness. Your work effectiveness will drop off, friends and family will think you're acting strangely and you'll be swiping Schmackos from store shelves.

So what's stopping you?

Nothing. Unless you live in an apartment; then you're off the hook. But only just, bucko. Yes, working dog breeds need exercise, but hey, don't we all. These dogs are smart, loyal, smart, loving, smart and friendly.

A certain dog food company says it eloquently on their website: "There's a reason dogs have long been called a man's best friend. Their loyalty, intelligence, devotion and affection are incredibly rewarding. From taking a long walk together on a beautiful spring morning, being greeted by a happily wagging tail at the end of a long day to relaxing at home in each other's company, owning a dog can raise spirits and engender a sense of wellbeing like almost nothing else. And of course for all the love you put in, a dog will give you it back tenfold."